A downloadable Brick Breaker clone


This is my third game this summer, since I was away the whole week I decided to make a small game in a 2 hour challenge (maybe a little more to solve some problems). 

What I really loved about this challenge was how much I have improved from when I began, one of the first projects I did was a brick breaker project and that one took me a few weeks, but now I can do it  in a little over two hours.

It was quite challenging to get the game done in that time frame but I'm really proud of myself. It also taught me a lot when it came to time management when it came to creating games.

As you may have realised this game was made on a time constraint if you have any problems with the game or find some glitches I will be happy to fix them if you tell me them.

I don't own brick breaker and this game concept is not my own.

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Download and unzip the file


Brick Breaker clone 12 MB

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