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In this game you have dropped your team's project files and you have to run through the school corridors to reach them. Throwing book and other objects to increase your momentum while also dodging between obstacles to run as far as possible.

This is the first project in which I worked with a team. I was in charge of management, a small amount of programming and the music that came with the game. What made this so difficult was the communication, since I created the idea I had to check all aspects of the game to see if it fit my view of what I wanted it to be. It was also my first time creating music for a game, I only made a small track using Beepbox but I was still really proud of myself. 

I loved working on this game, but I also found it quite stressful and overwhelming at times as I had people depending on me.

I am so glad it worked out and I want to say thank you to my two partners: Aidan McHugh (candle#5531) and Grace McLaughlin (gracc#4735). Aidan was a superb programmer and exceeded my expectations in so many ways, at first I thought this project was going to be too big to finish but Aidan made it happen. Grace is an amazing artist even though it was her first time making pixel art drawings, I feel like I may have made her do too much but in the end she managed to get it all done to an extremely high standard. Thank you both for making the game with me.

I hope you all enjoy playing the game as we did making it!

Thank you!


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